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Ordeal 26​.​04​.​86


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Geogaddi thumbnail
Geogaddi What an awesome Album.
To be fair,this is my first Shrine record.I have read some reviews about it and gave it a try,and this is exactly what you should do!
Shrine has a real unique style.Everything,even the birds from the field-recordings, sounds powerful,this results in some huge walls of sound that make you feel like standing in an storm trying to fight against it.Extremely intense!
The whole album is centered around an concept wich finally makes this trip an must have in your collection!
Favorite track: Under the Graphite Clouds.
dyze thumbnail
dyze I cant stop listening to this album! Favorite track: The Silent Apocalypse.
Daniel Ruben
Daniel Ruben thumbnail
Daniel Ruben Works of this genre often do best when they express as artefacts, connecting with the programmatic project, fostering a livid central theme. Eg Lustmord "..The Black Stars Hang" and Time Machines' eponymous release. Ordeal joins these works. It's not just "dark ambient" music, all floating form and drone . Shrine turns this work into so much more: into a beautiful, enveloping, engulfing tone poem, which somehow recalls to me Smetana's Die Moldau more than anything. Exquisitely mixed. Favorite track: The Night That Hell Broke Loose.
daVId attic (stoneweather)
daVId attic (stoneweather) thumbnail
daVId attic (stoneweather) Was wondering when he'd release something new and finally it has arrived and swooped down upon hungering ears like an irradiated celestial angel of death. Excellent release. I can't pick a favourite right now because i've been playing it from beginning to end on repeat since i first hit play. Perfect autumn into winter music and sonic food for thought in regards to one of the world's most dire environmental catastrophes.
Johan Antonissen
Johan Antonissen thumbnail
Johan Antonissen Oh where do i begin... I've been counting the days to the release of ordeal... Shrines last two albums where already brilliant pieces of art but only once every couple of years you come across an album that sends shivers down your spine and takes you on a vivid imaginary trip.

The world we live in is in imminent danger; climate change, war and political turmoil are part of every day news. For me, ordeal hands temporary relief of these fears, why should we not just embrace the end and accept the pestilence humanity has bought upon itself? Let's just stare into the abyss.

Ordeal is a beautiful temporary escape from reality, an amazing piece of music.

Atomgrad 09:25


"Ordeal 26.04.86" is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the great Chernobyl disaster.

To me the Chernobyl theme has always been very special not only because I witnessed the nuclear sunburn effect myself back in 1986 when I was a kid, but also because I find it to be the closest glimpse of a pending apocalypse we have seen so far. I find it terrifying not only because of the devastating effect of the ionizing radiation itself, but also because it was a man-made event. To me, the parallel with the biblical book of Revelation is inescapable.

Cover artwork by Dehn Sora and Hristo Gospodinov.



released October 26, 2016


all rights reserved



SHRINE Bulgaria

SHRINE is the experimental music project of Hristo Gospodinov acting in the fields of ambient, dark ambient and post industrial music since year 2003.

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